Fish that can be polycultured under consultation

  There is no fish in the tank at home, so I dont know what to buy.Now inside Golden Dragon, 2 Tigers, 1 Bassia, 1 Scavenger, 1 Pig NoseThe pigs nose was quickly processed.I have to fill in a fishI cant appreciate the rainbow fish.No map, no si

Consult the fish gills

  The Arowana has been raised for almost three years and is good in every way.But now that the fish is getting bigger and bigger, the tank looks smaller, but Clarion is only more than 40 wide.The tail of the fish is getting shorter and shorter,

The new question about how to do the anti-blush arowana changing water operation tomorrow

  Its been 5 or 5 months since I went back, and I looked inside.过背金龙鱼和高背金龙鱼怎样区分红色的鱼鳃无白色的工具,两边都无,不晓得是啥.How does Red Dragon Fish change the water cell phone without knowing why you cant get pictures.。!=(祥龙水族联盟鱼朋评论)= Latest reply